Eter: Streaming Internet Radio is not just a radio app—it’s your portal to over 40,000 global radio stations and it’s filled with great features!

Before we tell you more, let’s first step back in time… the story of how Eter came to Apparent Software is an interesting one. It starts at Macworld 2011. Apparent founder and senior dev Jacob had a booth there at Macworld and, of course, met a lot of press back in those days when there were loads of people writing articles on slim slices of dead trees. One of them was Krystian Kozerawski, a Polish tech blogger (see the photo from back then below). Jacob and Krystian became fast friends, in part because of their common love for similar music and both being guitarists, having played in bands. They kept in touch and a few years later Krystian decided to become a Swift developer and then he joined Apparent Software as a Junior Developer, more than 5 years ago. He developed Eter as a side-project and it became quite popular in Poland. He then suggested to bring it into Apparent Software’s fold because, as he says, he treats us like a rock band and the app is like a song that he brings to the band. Which is a really nice notion, if you ask us. And now, back to the app!

An image showing all of the Apple devices that Eter is available on

Whether you’re on the hunt for fresh music or seeking solace in familiar tunes, Eter is your musical companion. If you haven’t experienced the magic of Eter yet, now is the perfect time to dive in, as Eter 2.0 has arrived with a plethora of new features to elevate your listening experience. Here is what’s waiting for you:

  • Fresh Design: Embark on a visual journey with a fresh design overhaul led by our Winnipeg-based designer, Brady Froese, alongside a new app icon that encapsulates the essence of Eter’s evolution.
  • Expanded Search Functionality: Explore the vast world of radio stations with ease through an expanded search feature. Discover stations by genre, location, or tags, unlocking a world of musical exploration at your fingertips.
  • Enhanced Playback Experience for Premium Users: Dive into your listening history with a feature that allows Premium users to view recently played tracks and seamlessly open them in Apple Music, bridging the gap between discovery and engagement.
  • Mac Exclusive Features: Mac users can now indulge in a new mini-player for the menu bar, providing quick access to controls. With the option to hide the Dock icon and support for media keys, the Mac experience is tailored to enrich your journey through music, extending compatibility to iPads with attached keyboards.

Ready to explore the world of Eter? Available on all Apple devices including CarPlay, immerse yourself in seamless radio streaming with Eter 2.0. For more information and to discover all that Eter has to offer, visit our website.

A photo of Krystian Kozerawski and Jacob Gorban at Macworld 2011
Eter: Streaming Internet Radio Icon

Eter: Streaming Internet Radio

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