Eter: Streaming Internet Radio available on all Apple devices

Introducing Eter 2.0

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Streaming Internet Radio

On All Apple Devices

Eter is available in a universal version for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS

Eter radio app available on the Mac
Eter radio app available on the iPhone
Eter radio app available on Apple Watch
Eter radio app available on AppleTV
Listening to Eter on the iPhone

Free and Publicly Available Internet Radio Stations

Discover Your Perfect Tune

Find your new favorite radio station or reconnect with old favorites, thanks to Eter’s access to the globally available database. You can also add any stream by URL.


Stay informed with the latest updates from renowned global news stations including BBC, CBC, CNN, CBS, FOX, Newstalk, and NPR


Experience the thrill of game day with top sports stations such as TSN, ESPN, Sportsnet, Fox Sports, BBC Radio Sports, and CBS Sports


Indulge in a world of nonstop music on premier stations like KEXP, Gen X Radio, BBC Radio 6 Music, FIP, Worldwide FM, Radio Primavera Sound, Shady Pines Radio, and Oroko Radio

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At Home or in the Car

Listen Anywhere

Enjoy your favorite stations effortlessly through AirPlay and CarPlay integration

Eter for iOS and macOS supports Apple AirPlay
Eter for iOS supports Apple CarPlay
Eter for iOS supports Apple AirPlay and CarPlay

Use for Free or Buy Once

No Subscriptions, No Ads

Upgrade Eter with a single one-time in-app purchase

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Enjoy limitless radio entertainment on any device – download the app for your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, and even Apple Tv

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