A Passion Project Fueled by Music

Our developer, Krystian Kozerawski, lead guitarist of the Polish metal band Sacriversum, originally developed Eter (Polish for “Ether”), to listen to his favorite new radio station, Radio Nowy Świat (New World Radio), which did not have its own app. He went on to add more stations he liked and some for his friends and eventually expanded it to include the radio-browser.info database as he continued to learn and grow as a SwiftUI developer, his fourth career after archeologist, musician and tech journalist. A little over a year ago, Krystian offered Apparent Software the opportunity to bring Eter under the Apparent umbrella, saying “anything for the band”! The four of us are excited to share this new 2.0 version with the world and we hope it will achieve the popularity worldwide that it has in Krystian’s home country.

Eter in the News

Written by Zack from MaxiApple, Eter is a free app with a clean interface that provides access to over 40,000 online radio stations worldwide. For a small one-time purchase, users can search, favorite, and share radio stations, as well as set sleep timers.

Highlighted in a Lifehacker blog post that explores the pitfalls of algorithm-driven platforms like Spotify, radio and more specifically Eter, emerges as a haven for music lovers in search of diverse and eclectic playlists crafted by human hands, not automated systems.

Mentioned by appgefahren, Eter is a user-friendly internet radio app available on the App Store and Setapp for iOS and macOS. Utilizing the Radio-Browser.info database, it allows users to explore diverse stations and craft unique playlists, offering a personalized audio experience across multiple devices, including CarPlay.

Seen in a MyApple Poland blog post, Eter has been upgraded to version 2.0 and is now accessible via Setapp, dubbed the ‘Netflix for apps.’ Available on various Apple platforms including macOS and iOS, Eter offers features like track history, improved search options, and a new mini player. Ongoing updates and redesigned UI elements further enhance its user experience.

Written in a blog post by Mac Utils, discover your next favorite radio station or revisit cherished ones with Eter, leveraging its expansive global web radio database. Easily add any station manually via URL. Compatible with macOS and iPhone, Eter ensures your radio exploration is seamless and personalized.

Mentioned in a blog post by iphoneticker.de, Eter is a powerful online radio app that makes discovering and listening to your favorite stations seamless across macOS, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. With a vast global database and intuitive features like station saving and Apple Music integration, Eter provides an affordable, personalized radio experience.

Highlighted by Online PC, Eter Radio is a free, ad-free app that provides access to thousands of global radio stations across Apple devices. A small one-time purchase unlocks additional features like your favorite stations list and listening history, and sleep timer. The app offers a simple, clutter-free way to listen to internet radio on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even Apple TV.

Mentioned by Mac Sources, Eter Radio is a streaming radio app that provides free access to over 20,000 global radio stations across Apple devices, with a small one-time purchase unlocking features like saved favorites and syncing. The app has a clean interface, supports AirPlay, and offers a creative, affordable way to stream international radio content without ads or subscriptions, making it a useful tool for long road trips or commutes.

Seen in an article by iMagazine, Eter is a radio app developed by Krystian MacKozer Kozerawski, a former journalist who learned programming in his 40s. The app provides access to over 27,000 radio stations globally, including popular Polish stations. Key features include saving favorite stations and syncing the list across devices via iCloud. A one-time in-app purchase unlocks the full app on all Apple devices.

Meet Our Team

Apparent Software was founded in 2006 by Jacob Gorban.

Our mission is creating useful, inspiring and friendly software for Apple devices, complemented by first-class customer care.

Jacob Gorban

Jacob Gorban

Jacob has been programming from childhood on various platforms and languages and has developed a wide range of skills. Since 2009, he’s been living the indie life. Jacob also loves the business side of things, plays guitars and listens to progressive rock.

Braden Froese

Braden Froese

Braden is a Graphic Designer who takes pride in visual communication. He enjoys creating websites, identities and original typefaces. Braden is passionate about traveling and the outdoors and can often be found camping during the hot summer months.

Susannah Skyer Gupta

Susannah Skyer Gupta

Susannah readily admits to being a longstanding Apple fangirl. She adores being part of Apparent’s small-but-mighty international team, looking after marketing while attempting to wear any other hat she can get away with. When she’s not contributing to Mac and iOS apps, you can find her writing and chatting about them at Kodeco.com and enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the American Southwest.

Krystian Kozerawski

Krystian Kozerawski

Before he decided to start to code in Swift, he has been one of the popular Polish tech bloggers. He tested and reviewed thousands of apps. As a junior Swift developer, he helps the team in developing iOS apps. Krystian also teaches kids how to code in Swift in an elementary school in Poland. He also shares the same passion as Jacob: guitars and progressive rock.

Apparent Software team

Apparent Software is based in Winnipeg, MB